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Are high-interest credit card bills keeping you up at night?

it's time to turn your home's equity into financial freedom and that dream renovation you've been longing for.

  • Consolidate high-interest debt
  • Fund your home improvements
  • Lower blended interest rate
  • Tax benefits


Do I need to refinance my existing mortgage

No. If you are looking to access equity in your home but you don't want to refinance your current mortgage, then our new Home Equity Program is for you! It allows borrowers to access home equity without having to refinance their existing mortgage. This is a great option for homeowners who have experienced price appreciation on their properties, but may not want to refinance a first mortgage that is locked at a rate below current market rates.

What is the maximum loan amount?


What can I use the Home Equity Loan for?

Consolidate high-interest debt, remodel your home, pay for education, invest in your future, upgrade your lifestyle or just about anything you want.

You could save hundreds of dollars a month!

  • If your credit card interest rates are over 20%
  • Or your credit card balances over $10,000
  • Or you have student loans that you're paying back
  • Or your budget is stressed by increasing monthly payments

Then this program is for you!

Tina Alexiou

Tina Alexiou

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Serving Florida and Alabama.

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