10 Easy Tips To Boost Curb Appeal

Let's face it. First impressions matter. Most potential homebuyers view dozens of houses during their search, and it's often the little things that set one house apart from the others.

For example, a cluttered yard might not give buyers a lot of hope for what they might find inside. In contrast, a fresh coat of paint and newly potted plants demonstrate an attention to detail that could translate into a faster sale and a higher price.

Here are 10 simple ways to make your home stand out from the crowd.

  1. Take a walk around

    Before you mow your lawn or get out the ladder, just take a walk around your property. Try to view it through fresh eyes. What stands out - good or bad? You'll probably notice something you haven't seen before and come up with new ways to improve your house's appearance.

  2. Repaint your front door

    This is one of the quickest ways to guarantee a boost in your curb appeal. A fresh coat of paint in a bold color that complements the overall color scheme is sure to attract attention.

  3. Add some greenery

    Plants add life to your listing. Even if you don't have the time or budget to go all out on landscaping, you can still add some planters around the entryways or window boxes.

  4. Clean your gutters

    Gutters full of leaves or covered in moss won't do any good for your curb appeal. It doesn't take long to clean them, but it does indicate that you take good care of your property both inside and out.

  5. Upgrade your accessories

    Buy a fancy mailbox. Switch out plastic house numbers for shiny brass ones. Install a new door handle and knocker. These are all quick fixes that may help seal the deal.

  6. Add some decor

    Don't overdo it, but some tasteful touches of decor can elevate any listing. For example, an elegant wreath hung on the front door gives a homey feeling that will invite potential homebuyers to take a closer look.

  7. Use a power washer

    You'd be surprised what a difference power washing makes on old surfaces. Use it to clean your driveway, siding, and porch. Besides, they're a lot of fun to use.

  8. Refurbish your garage door

    New garage doors can be expensive. But you can give an old door a new life by applying a stain or a fresh coat of paint. This is a small investment that might pay off in a big way.

  9. Build a clear path

    Everyone appreciates a good entrance. Consider upgrading the walkway to your door by laying new stones or brick. If that's out of your budget, even some affordable solar-powered path lighting adds a touch of drama to your entrance.

  10. Install some light fixtures

    Always make sure your entrance is well lit. Otherwise, potential buyers might feel unwelcomed or uneasy. Warm, bright lights can make a world of difference in gaining the right type of attention.

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