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Worried about about mortgage rates? Call The 'A' Team!

So you're worried about interest rates. We get it! And you fear that your dream of home ownership is slipping away, as we get bombarded with news that are generally less encouraging, if not downright depressing about the Feds, the market, and everything in between.

Under the current circumstances, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed, discouraged and buy into the 'panic'. Don't worry, we're there with you.

But to repeat the famous quote "Things are never as bad as they seem" - while interest rates have gone up from the historic lows seen early in the pandemic, and while interest rates are an important component of the mortgage equation, there are many other factors that play perhaps equally important roles in a homebuyer's life journey and that can impact and help guide the decision process.


Not just about rates

Indeed, a 'good mortgage loan' is one that is specifically tailored to meet the personal and financial needs of the buyer, regardless of current market conditions. A good loan is not all about the rates, just as it is never a one-size-fits-all solution. What's right for you as a buyer today, may be different than what was right for you yesterday and what will be right for you a year from now.


You need a partner with proven expertise and years of experience.

Engineering a good loan - especially in times like these - requires a certain deep understanding of the industry. An ideal mortgage partner is one with years of experience and in-depth historical knowledge of trends (national and local) who can leverage their knowledge and expertise to navigate the waters and generate solutions that uphold the best interest of the buyer in spite of what would appear to be challenging market conditions.

The "A" Team is that ideal partner for you.


We have solutions!

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We hope this article was of value to you. For more great tips, bookmark our site and for all your mortgage needs, visit the A Team at TMFFMS.


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