Listing Agent vs. Selling Agent

Real Estate Agents can be worth their weight in gold, as they can play a critical role in the home buying/selling process. And whether you're purchasing or selling a home, you may be seeking the help of a professional real estate agent to assist you with the process. Understanding which real estate agent to call to is essential, as they cater to different parties.

What is a real estate agent?

A real estate agent helps potential home sellers and buyers navigate the complicated process. With their time spent in the market, they have extensive knowledge of the key questions to ask, what paperwork to fill out, and most importantly, how to help close a deal and uphold the best interests of their clients. The expertise of a professional in the field can make the life-changing process feel a little less stressful. The question is, which type of real estate agent do you need?

What is a selling agent?

A selling agent is a real estate agent that assists the home buyer. If you are looking into purchasing a home, the selling agent is the agent for you. The selling agent, also known as the buyer's agent, represents the home buyer, assists them in finding a house, directs them through the purchasing process, and provides guidance and information that will help in the decision-making process to benefit the buyer.

The selling agent has several day-to-day responsibilities that help them achieve their goal of finding the perfect home for their client. These include:

  • Helping find homes that meet their client's wants and needs
  • Recommending trusted lending partners or professionals
  • Conducting house tours
  • Submitting a competitive offer and negotiating on behalf of the buyers
  • Ensuring the price is fair, and that their client is getting a great deal
  • Helping with the closing paperwork

What is a listing agent?

A listing agent is a real estate agent that assists a potential home seller in navigating the process. If you want guidance with selling your home, a listing agent is who you should call. The listing agent represents the home seller in finding a prospective buyer. Their day-to-day responsibilities consist of:

  • Listing and advertising the home
  • Helping in pricing the home
  • Scheduling showings and staging the interior of the home
  • Advertising the property
  • Negotiating conditions and offers in the best interest of the seller
  • Assisting with the closing paperwork

What makes these two real estate agents different, and how do they work together?

The biggest difference between these two agents is that they work for different parties. The selling agent, or the buyer's agent, represents the buyer while the listing agent represents the seller.

Despite their difference in responsibilities, they both have their client's best interests at heart. The selling agent and the listing agent typically work together to ensure the deal gets closed smoothly, and that in the end both the buyer and seller are happy with the outcome.

How do these agents earn commissions?

*** The commission on a property is generally about 5-6% of the sale price. Typically, this commission comes out of the home seller's pocket, and the listing and selling agent split the commission evenly.

(*** This is the general rule of thumb or practice and may vary per negotiations.)

Bottom Line

A real estate agent can be a real asset to you during your home buying or selling process. Make sure to talk to a few agents and find the right fit for you. You want someone who cares and is committed to be in your corner during this life-changing event!

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