Let's explore the mortgage process

Mortgage Process # 1

Process #1


  • Speak with one of our Experienced Home Loan Experts
  • Evaluate Income, Assets and Credit
  • Receive a Pre-approval Letter
  • Submit a solid offer on your Dream Home

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Mortgage Process # 2

Process #2


  • Find a Home
  • Make an Offer
  • Get an Offer Accepted
  • Fill Out the Mortgage Application
  • Update Documentation as Needed
  • Review and Sign Disclosures


Mortgage Process # 3

Process #3


  • Loan File is Reviewed
  • Additional Dcoumentation is Requested
  • File Submitted into Underwriting for credit decision to be made


Mortgage Process # 4

Process #4


  • Loan File is Analyzed
  • Confirm Borrower Meets Guideline Requirements
  • Property/Appraisal is Evaluated
  • Loan is Approved with Conditions


Mortgage Process # 5

Process #5


  • Loan Conditions Met and Cleared
  • Review of Final Closing Disclosure and Documents for Accuracy
  • Borrower to Sign Closing Documents
  • Loan Funded and Borrower Receives Keys to Dream Home



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