Should I Renovate Before Selling

Thinking of selling your home? One of the top things homeowners often consider before listing their homes include renovations and upgrades.

Newly renovated homes typically do come with a higher sale price. However, you should consider whether or not upgrades are a wise investment. Here are several factors you should think about if you're wondering if you should renovate your home prior to selling.


Condition of your home

Different buyers are looking for different types of homes. If your home is already more of a fixer-upper, your ideal buyer might be someone looking to take on their own renovations. In that case, making upgrades likely won't improve your sale price or help you sell your home.

However, if your home is geared towards buyers looking for a move-in-ready home. A few upgrades might make your home more desirable.


The housing market

In a seller's market, homes get snatched up quickly. As a seller, you'll likely still get top dollar for your home - even without repairs. In a buyer's market, you'll need to put a little more effort into making your home stand out. If you find yourself selling in a buyer's market, it might make sense to invest in a few upgrades before putting your home on the market.


Comparable properties

You should also consider the features of similar homes in your area. Doing a comparative market analysis (CMA) can help identify if your home includes what's important to buyers in your neighborhood. For example, if all comparable properties have a garage, you might find yourself at a disadvantage if you don't have one. In which case, it may make sense to invest in a garage before selling your home.

An experienced real estate agent can give you an estimate on which renovations will make the biggest impact on your home value, based on recently sold homes in the area.



If you're on a tight timeline for selling your home. You may not want to undertake major renovations. In that case, it's best to focus on necessary repairs that will impact your ability to sell the home.

However, if you're planning on living in your home for a few more years, you may want to consider a few upgrades. This way you can enjoy them for a while before you sell your home.


Return on investment

Before investing in renovations, you'll want to ensure that the money you're spending will be recouped when it comes time to sell. For example, pools are typically an upgrade that doesn't see a high return on investment.

On the other hand, kitchens and bathrooms tend to see the biggest return on investment. However, if you're on a budget or in a time crunch, a new coat of paint or improving lighting can do wonders when it comes to increasing the sale price of your home.


The bottom line

There are a lot of factors that can impact if renovating is the right choice for your home. By understanding the market and which upgrades will make the biggest impact on your home value, you can make the decision that makes the most sense for you and your home.




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