Tips on How to Save Up for a House

When buying a new house, it is necessary for most prospective homebuyers to save. Depending on the loan program being considered, lenders may require borrowers to have varying amounts as down payment. The general rule of thumb for conventional loans is 20 percent of the purchase price of the home to use as a down payment. However, the amount changes based on loan type, veteran status, availability of special programs and incentives, and sometimes the competitiveness of the real estate market.

If you want to buy a home, and are facing the need to save, these tips and strategies may offer some help.

  1. Talk to Your Lender

    Qualifying to buy a home is contingent upon many factors (income, DTI, credit history etc.), and the best way to engage in the homebuying process is take the surefooted steps of knowing what you might qualify for (in terms loan amounts), what you may need to work on (in terms of credit or other factors), and last but not least how much money you will need as a down payment for your new home. Your lender is best qualified to help you determine how much down you will probably need. So, talking to your lender is the first thing we recommend.

  2. Consider Creating a House Fund You Pay First

    Once you have determined how much you need to save, consider setting up an interest-bearing bank account that is strictly for your home purchase. Even if you cannot put much in it right away, you'll have the account in place and ready to go. Then, every time your paycheck hits the bank, have the bank automatically transfer 10 percent (or whatever amount you desire) to the house fund. Doing this on a consistent basis makes it possible for you to build your house fund quickly and without having to remember to do it.

  3. Find Ways to Boost Your Income

    Consider oportunities to boost your income. Whether you're part of the gig economy, a side job for a few extra hours of work each week may bring in enough to help boost your house fund. If you are due for a raise at your job, consider asking for it. And if you receive a raise, allow that amount of money to go directly towards the house fund. When was the last time you had a tag sale? Maybe now would be a good time to go through your belongings and sell off items that you might have accumulated over the years that you neither use, have used or will use. The proceeds can go straight to your house fund.

  4. Look for Opportunities to Save

    Find ways to increase your savings. Review your subscriptions and consider dropping those you don't need or rarely use. Prepare your own lunches or eat home-made meals to reduce the expense of eating out. In order to boost savings, some aggressive prospective homebuyers have returned home to live with their loved ones, or have moved in with roommates to share their current housing expense. Over time, giving up a few things and making short-term sacrifices can add up significantly and help boost your savings.

  5. Look for Down Payment Assistance Programs

    Some areas have down payment assistance programs that are income-based. Look for local government programs and grants that offer this and other incentives. There may also be special programs for those who are health care workers, teachers, firefighters, or other supportive services. If you qualify for VA benefits, be sure to let your lender know so you can leverage those benefits to your advantage. Talking to you lender is the quickest and easiest way to find out about these programs and incentives, what is available in your area, and which ones you may qualify for.

  6. You May not Need to Save as Much as you Think





It's critical to find simple way to save money if you plan to purchase a home in the future and every penny counts. The more effective you are at reducing your spending, increasing your income, and saving wisely, the more likely you are to get into the home you want sooner. With a bit of focused effort, you can buy a home with confidence.

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